Author: Isabelle Zarate

The Ketogenic Diet – The Apparent Paradox Of Losing Weight While Eating Consistently

Have you tried all sorts of diets, but none of them produced satisfactory results? How about a diet in which you are allowed to eat consistently? It’s called the ketogenic diet and we’ll guide you through the benefits and side effects of following such a diet. History of the food guide pyramid If we look at the way our eating habits changed over time, we see that there were many versions of the food guide pyramid. In 1943, the US Department of Agriculture elaborated the “Basic Seven food guide” which provided an overview of the recommended dietary allowances but contained...

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Dieting with Phen375: A closer Look into the Abyss

Nowadays, it seems that more and more people tend to work out less and eat whatever it comes in handy, like all sorts of junk food and gas beverages, An unorganized lifestyle, from which there are missing physical activities and healthy eating habits, represents the primary factor leading to obesity. Why Losing Weight is Important? Various aspects are leading to obesity, at least this is what most scientifical studies show up until now. For instance, some researchers talk about the genetics, as playing a major role in determining this condition. Nevertheless, obesity and overweight in general are two of...

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Crazy Bulk Reviews: Are They a Healthier Alternative to Legal Steroids?

Getting the body shape you want is a difficult struggle and maintaining those hard to get results is another challenge. Even though most people take care of their diet and they work hard in the gym, they don’t always get the expected results. As a final option, some of them turn to anabolic steroids, which eventually will prove to be one of the worst choices possible as they are not only illegal, but they also might cause health and even life-threatening side effects. Crazy Bulk steroids represent a much healthier, and not to mention legal option. These products are...

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VitaPulse and Heart Health: Updated Reviews [2017]

The lifestyle of our era can be described as very stressful, hectic and agitated. We are so focused on the professional life that we forget to take care of our physical and mental health. The unhealthy eating habits and all those extra hours spent at the office eventually take the toll on our health. In order to keep up with the daily routine, most people find the much-needed help in vitamins and dietary supplements. This is one of the reasons why the market of dietary supplements is one of the most successful in the world. Its revenue in 2015...

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Vitapulse for Heart Health

Finding that one supplement capable of supporting the heart and the entire circulatory system without causing damage to the other organs is not an easy task considering the wide variety available on the market. If you decide it is the time to help your body get back on track and try some supplements, Vita Pulse should be your first choice. What is VitaPulse – Heart Health? VitaPulse is a natural supplement created by Princeton Nutrition based on an advanced antioxidant formula which helps the entire circulatory system function within the optimum parameters. What sets this product apart from the...

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