The Ginkgo Biloba is one of the oldest Asian trees, it can reach 120 meters and live up to 1000 years. It is officially considered a medicinal plant with a lot of benefits. Also, it is known for the strong smell. What makes Ginkgo so beneficial? The Ginkgo biloba leaf contains two main ingredients: flavonoids and terpenoids that have remarkable properties. Here are some of the most significant health benefits:

Improves the circulatory system’s function

Ginkgo Biloba is recommended for treating circulatory problems especially issues related to low blood pressure in the brain. These usually happen to elders.

The plant can improve circulation by dilating the blood vessels and reducing blood cloths. Some of the best-known supplements that help with blood flow contain ginkgo extracts.

Supports Memory and Cognition

Ginkgo biloba is a common medicine used in treating Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. The plant also helps regulate the brain’s blood flow. Studies are able to provide information showing that it may protect the already damaged nerve cells. Besides the positive effect it has with more severe disease, studies indicate that the plant also improves memory, thinking and helps the cognitive aria.

Even on a daily basis, the plant can ease the process of learning or performing daily activities, it can improve social behavior. Also it can help with symptoms of depression.

Helps with Anxiety and Depression

The plant is useful if you suffer from high stress, depression or mood swings. Ginkgo Biloba helps the body handle and sometimes neutralize the adverse effects of the stress hormones known as cortisol and adrenaline. Known as one of the adaptogen herbs, ginkgo assists the body in coping with feelings of anxiety, panic attacks or even phobias. The adaptogen is lowering the levels of the stress hormones so that the body won’t be affected by stress.

Excellent Antioxidant

The two primary substances found in the Ginkgo leaves have antioxidant proprieties. They can help with the elimination of various body toxins. The plant can even prevent aging or neutralize the damage done from toxins.

Helps the Metabolism

For people with high cholesterol Ginkgo is recommended because it helps relax the contracted veins and artery that usually get harden when cholesterol occurs. Also it raises the metabolism’s efficiency.

Helps with PMS Symptoms

Many women suffer from mood swings, headaches, fatigue, anxiety or muscle pain during PMS. Some research has found that taking Ginkgo during those days has beneficial effects, and can help with some of the symptoms. It also has benefits for women during the postmenstrual pause.

Improves Libido

Ginkgo has the ability to dilate blood vessels and improve circulation flow. Because of this, it has beneficial effects on the reproductive system. It can help men struggling with erectile dysfunction or low libido, but it is also beneficial for women. Also, because the plant is a good antidepressant it can bring benefits in cases of sexual dysfunction depression.

Reduces Symptoms of Asthma

Because Ginkgo can lower inflammation, it has a positive effect on asthma symptoms. It can help the nerves, so people who suffer from asthma symptoms can breathe easier.

Although Ginkgo Biloba is beneficial you have to pay attention to some of its side effects. Ginkgo should not be used with antidepressants. Also, pregnant women should not use this plant because it can provoke nausea, diarrhea or vomiting. It is crucial not to eat the fruit or the seeds of this tree.