Forskolin is an extract obtained from a plant called Coleus forskolin which was used for many years in Ayurvedic medicine as a remedy for different health problems, like heart or skin conditions. Forskolin reduces the blood pressure by acting on heart muscles and in the walls of the blood vessels to generate stronger heartbeat and make the blood vessels wider. These properties caught the attention of scientists who conducted many studies aiming to confirm its benefits.

Forskolin is an enzyme activator, which taken as a dietary supplement was proven to be effective in treating various conditions. Among the benefits of the daily intake of Forskolin are:

  • Improved blood circulation through the body – Since the old times, Forskolin was used to treat hypertension, angina or heart failure. It acts by reducing the blood pressure, and at the same time, it increases the frequency of heart contractions. 1
  • Reduced intraocular pressure and glaucoma – Glaucoma is an eye condition caused by the nerve damage. Some studies proved that eye drops containing Forskolin could decrease the pressure on the optic nerve and improve the site. However, eye drops with Forskolin are not available to the public yet, but pills based on this substance have similar results. 2
  • Control over asthma and allergies – Forskolin can be used combined with other inhibiting drugs or, simply by itself, to treat asthma and allergy symptoms. It acts to relax the muscles, decrease the airway resistance and improve the pulmonary functions.
  • Reduce psoriasis – This is a skin condition characterized by a chemical unbalance, which makes the skin cells divide and multiply out of control. Forskolin helps alleviate the symptoms by trying to reestablish the chemical balance. It is often used as an additional substance for the therapy.
  • Keep the body weight under control – Studies showed that treatment with Forskolin helps losing weight because it stimulates the process of breaking down the fat in the cells.
  • Better function of the thyroid – Forskolin increases the hormone production within the thyroid, boosts the metabolism to maintain a healthy body weight and reduces depression as a side effect of the thyroid dysfunction
  • Enforces the immune system – This substance has the potential to activate macrophages and lymphocytes which straighten the immunity of the body and make it harder for the disease to stick.
Medical studies reached the conclusion that the proper daily dose of Forskolin ranges between 50 mg and 100 mg, divided at least twice a day. Although this is a 100% natural product which shouldn’t cause severe reactions to a healthy person, it is advisable for pregnant or breastfeeding women and individuals that suffer from heart conditions, bleeding disorders and low blood pressure to talk to a doctor before starting this treatment.

The benefits of Forskolin are just started to be revealed to the medical community, and there are many studies to be conducted for the traditional medicine to be confirmed by the modern medicine.

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