oceans_bounty_bottle_123x224Oceans Bounty by Deep Sea Nutrition is branded by its makers as a twice-daily seaweed-based natural nutritional supplement Booster from the Sea. Moreover, if it is coming from the sea, it is got to be all healthy right? This is the inquiry to be debated along our journey to discover more about this new arrival on the supplements market since there are both pro’s and con’s opinions concerning the validity of all the claims. We have to take a look at both the scientific facts and the data gathered to help us in choosing the best product for our body. That way, we can answer the question that people always are asking when buying a supplement product and that is to find out how secure and powerful is this product.

So what is exactly this natural product called: Oceans Bounty? If we check their website, we can be easily convinced that this is a wonder booster that has always existed in the sea and nobody thought of taking advantage of it. So if it existed and still exists in the sea, it should be easily cheap right?

Costs, Terms and Conditions

Well, guess again. As per their website, a bottle of this multi-vitamin costs approximately $69.95 per bottle and it comes with the following clause: 90DAY-MONEY-BACKGUARANTEE. So basically if you are not satisfied with their product, you can return it free of charge without any questions asked. The manufacturers are saying that after 60 days the result should be visible to your body. Moreover, if none, you can get your money back. That is very appealing for gullible people to try out the omega-3 supplement without even questioning how safe and efficient is the product. For pregnant women and youth under 18 this product is not even recommended.

Oceans Bounty Research Data

seaweed_400x345The dietary supplement contains what our body is missing and cannot create on its own naturally: fatty acids that are essential in sustaining our reproductive, immune, and nervous systems. So pretty much all that we cannot function without. Fatty acids have the purpose of protecting our blood cells and are key players in decreasing the risk of heart diseases and increasing cardiovascular health. They are found in two of the main ingredients of the product called Fucoidan(sulfated polysaccharide) which is an extract from brown algae and brown seaweed such as mozuku, kombu, bladderwrack, wakame, and hijiki and seanol (unique seaweed extract from the Ecklonia Cava seaweed of the deep ocean floors) known for their antioxidant benefits, along with “over 70 nutrients that are not normally found in the American diet.”

The other ingredients are referred to as minerals and vitamins, but they are not specifying how much of each correctly they are adding to the formula until you take a look at the bottle pills when it is delivered to you. In other words, you have to have much blind trust in the product and hope that it contains all of the fundamental components that should be efficient and beneficial to you.
Company information and feedback

The product is created and sold by a firm called Deep Sea Nutrition which has its office in Colorado and can easily be reached by phone (The US and International Customer Service (800) 287-9221 Office Hours: Mon. Thru Fri. 9 am – 5:00 pm PST (-8 GMT)), e-mail, or website forms. They are not very well known in the supplements market and do not have so many bad or good reviews from clients posted on their website. That should put a question mark to why exactly is that.

Oceans Bounty Allegations

Oceans Bounty is stating that the dietary supplement has the power to reduce the LDL cholesterol also referred as the ‘’bad cholesterol’’ (low-density lipoprotein) and put a stop to the effects of aging. It can restore the health of the arteries and the heart. Moreover, for early diagnosed Alzheimer patients it might reduce the loss of memory significantly in the long term. However, wait, there is more? It is also good for the bones and can quickly lower the pain to your joints. This sounds like too good to be true.
Oceans Bounty can upgrade your energy level and you will soon get rid of the exhaustion feeling and adrenal fatigue. It will revive you completely and make you feel like a young person again. This is what it promises. So let us dig deeper and find out the facts.

Is there any clinical data to back up all of these obligations? The answer to this question might be related to the 90DAY-MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE policy.
There is no evidence or proof of some sort from a medical point of view that the supplement works and does what it is portrayed above in an almost dreamy way. Sure, it could be great if we could all find the fountain of youth and drink at least one sip from this ocean’s bounty and reverse our aging process but until there is no scientifically proof backed by research studies we can only think of them as hoax or fairytales. At least the 90DAY-MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE policy is appealing to most, and you can give it a go and try it to see if it does any good to you.

Side Effects of Oceans Bounty

The research data done on the product assured us that there are no major side effects. However, there is a slight possibility of gastric disturbance and allergic reactions. Should you encounter any of those symptoms, please stop using them and immediately go and have a check-up to a doctor

Purchase Oceans Beauty Supplements

Should you want to purchase the supplements, we need to inform you that they can only be found in the virtual domain, meaning on the following website:
It includes free shipping and comes in a variety of offers, 3 to count them:

— 1 Bottle: $69.95
— 2 Bottles: $119.90 ($59.95 per bottle)
— 4 Bottles: $199.80 ($49.95 per bottle)

Under their terms and conditions of buying the product, you also have 100% refund plus $10 “if you are not satisfied for any reason (or no reason at all)” through the 90 Day Money Back Guarantee policy. You can also get like a “Membership Discount Club” when you order Ocean’s Bounty for the first time and basically what it does is to send you the same order every one month, two months, or 4 months based on what you have ordered in the first place. That is why is valid only when purchasing the products the first time and they will give you a 10% discount if you want to benefit from the auto ship program. Moreover, what is great about this registration is that it can easily be canceled free of charge and at any time. Should you forget to cancel it, applicable taxes will be charged.

How do you take Oceans Bounty?

The recommended dosage for adults is 1 to 2 tablets daily with a glass of water. You should never take the supplements on an empty stomach and make sure to eat something before to avoid any gastric disturbance.
For children, please make sure to consult the doctor before intake and make sure to review the ingredients found on the label to prevent any allergic reactions.
Can I use it if I am taking prescribed medication or any other supplements?

Although the supplements itself are not actual proven medicine, there might be a chance of interacting with certain prescribed drugs or other dietary supplements. That is why it is critical to treat this with caution and always inform your health care provider before starting with the Oceans Bounty Diet.

What should you know before taking Oceans Bounty?

For pregnant, nursing, under medication or have any medical condition, please make sure to consult with your physician before taking Oceans Bounty.
The dose of 1 to 2 tablets is the daily recommended dosage and you should not bypass it. If you know you are vulnerable and unpredictable to similar dietary supplements; you should treat this carefully and address a doctor before using it.

So at the end of our journey, what are the sweet promises made by the product?
Restore the youth you had decades ago.”(For a person as vain as myself, I should take it as much as I can, it can never be enough. Hopefully, you are not like me)

  • Can get you rid of sugar addiction which studies suggest sugar is eight times more addictive than class A drugs
  • Works as an energy improvement for your immune system.
  • Reduce your bad LDL cholesterol.
  • Increase your capacity to be more focus and alert and at the same time boosts your energy levels
  • It can keep in the balance the “slimming hormones.”
  • It can make your body stronger and more powerful to the anti-aging effects and make you feel and look younger
  • Enhance cell connection and Communication to Cardiac Disease.

What should we take into consideration before purchase?

First and most correct opinion: studies have not provided substantial evidence that the product works and have the benefits that it claims it has.
Oceans Bounty as a company is relatively unknown in the supplements market and should be looked with extra caution should or if purchasing their product.

The information about the ingredients used in the supplement are vague and not very easy to read since the written on the label is subtle and might be hard to read for senior citizens.

We are not aware of the exact amount of each fatty acid that is used and added to the content

Many of the feedback posted related to the product are stating that it does nothing for them and it is a completely waste of money and time
Some side effects might be experienced when trying the dietary supplements

The price itself is not small compared to other supplements present on display worldwide even from the ones that already made a name for themselves in this market

Our bodies are constructed individually and are both unique and complex so, in the long term, the product itself might do wonders for yours and deliver what it promises entirely. Only time will tell us if that is the case so until then, you can see for yourself as long as it is free.