We are living for a while in the era of speed. Everything around us happens fast, and we must keep up with the rhythm. Long hours spent at the office or school leaves little or no time for ourselves. To recharge the batteries and get back on track, we must find some time for us to relax.

One of the most effective ways to relax both the mind and the body is to practice yoga. This is an ancient discipline dedicated to creating a balance and union between body, mind, and spirit. By practicing yoga, one learns to control the breathing and the body in such a manner to feel connected to the whole of creation and achieve a new and positive outlook on life. It sets the mind free, and the body feels relaxed and energized at the same time. The word Yoga means union with divinity, but this activity not only improves the mood, but also helps one keep the weight under control. Many celebrities attribute their amazing bodies to practicing yoga on a daily basis.

At first, you might feel like yoga is not the right activity for you, but at least give it a chance before you give it up altogether. Practicing yoga is a great workout for the entire body, it can help improve your breathing technique and sleep, you will have a better posture, develops mental and physical health, and brings a more positive approach to your life.

An ancient philosophy for the modern days

The philosophy of yoga considers that the body, mind, and spirit are one whole creation and they can’t function separately. By practicing this discipline, you will gain self-awareness and transform the negative energy into peace and calm. Yoga has five yamas that will help you change your approach to the world:

  • Ahimsa – encourages the practice of non-violence or no harming by maintaining a harmony between the inner self and the world.
  • Satya – is teaching you how to see things as they are and accept the reality instead of believing what you would like them to be
  • Asteya – is about generosity and „not stealing” not only the physical objects but also feelings and emotions. It encourages you to offer more than you take.
  • Brahmacharya –is teaching you how to find in your mind a balance between senses and be free to replace them with inner joy
  • Aparigraha – is about giving up on material possessions. The essence of this Yama is that „everything in the world is yours to use, not to own”.

In this troubled world, focused on material possession, practicing yoga can help one become more kind, accepting, and forgiving of itself and others and the society need more of these things.

Different poses for various benefits and body types

Yoga sessions mean you learn to control your breathing while stretching your body in various positions. Practicing this discipline not only improves your perspective on the world, but it also helps with various health issues like anxiety, back pains, depression, digestion, fatigue, headaches, insomnia, stress, weight loss and many others. Of course, these poses must be chosen carefully, with the guidance of an experienced trainer, because some of them are contraindicated depending on each health condition. For example, if you have asthma you should avoid Plow pose, Head-to-knee pose or boat pose if you had a back injury you should scratch off the list camel pose, bow pose or big toe pose. A trainer will teach you poses according to your anatomy. If you want your arms to be more toned, or your abs to be flat or just improve the brain activity, there is a stretching pose for each problem.

Some of the most famous yoga poses are:

Malasada Pose – is a squat position in which you keep the toes out and the heels in, while the hands held in prayer position in front of your chest


Half Moon Pose – it requires you to keep balance on the right leg and right hand while the left leg is lifted parallel to the floor and the left arm is held straight up


Camel Pose – requires standing up on your knees with hips apart and both hands must rest on the lower back or heels depending on each flexibility


Bound Angle Pose – one must sit on the floor with the soles of the feet held close together, so the knees can drop out and toward the floor while your shoulders stack over the hips if flexibility allows lean forward and try to keep the back straight.

forearm plank yoga pose

Forearm Plank Position – it’s like doing push-ups, only you lean on your forearms, holding the palms flat on the floor and the elbows straight under the shoulders. Meanwhile, the back and toes are aligned, so the body forms one line of energy from the top of the head to the heels

Simple poses and many benefits

Practicing yoga is not only beneficial for the mind and spirit, but also for the body. This is a complex discipline which works to improve overall health, heal different types of aches and pains, and keep sickness away. Some of the most significant benefits one gets from practicing yoga regularly are:

  • Better flexibility – after several sessions, you will notice gradual loosing of the joints, and as a result, different aches start to diminish
  • Muscle strength – is not only an aesthetics issue, but they can also improve symptoms of arthritis and back pain
  • Improves posture – back, neck, and other muscles and joint problems are the results of poor posture. With yoga, your head will be balanced correctly over the spine so your neck and muscles can support it more easily
  • Prevents cartilage and joint breakdown – each yoga pose takes the joints through a wide range of motions which can prevent and delay degenerative arthritis
  • Protects the spine – it is essential for the spinal disks to get their nutrients to be able to absorb the daily shocks without herniating and this happens with yoga

Whether you are interested in getting a hobby, a simple way to escape the daily routine or obtain performance with yoga you will get amazing results. It brings mental and physical benefits for any problem or health issue you deal with at the moment. After a yoga session not only you will have a more positive approach to your life, but you will also feel at peace with the world and in better shape than ever.