Aging is a natural process for all living beings. As time passes by, our body and our abilities are no longer what they used to be, so we start forgetting things, and we feel tired all the time. Unfortunately, the younger generations grow old faster than the previous ones did, mainly because of the modern lifestyle.

Speed describes our century. Everything around us happens faster than ever before, and our body and mind must learn to adapt to this situation. The constant stress we put on ourselves to keep up juggling the professional and personal life takes a toll on the body by accelerating the aging mechanism.

Mental disorders like forgetting an important thing, fatigue and lack of motivation are no longer associated with age. Young people experience them too. These are the first symptoms of cellular aging, and they affect not only the mental abilities but also the physical ones because the power generators inside the cells are degrading. With low energy, our internal system can no longer perform at optimal parameters, and we need some extra help.

Dietary supplements took over the world in the past decades becoming one of the largest industries. This happened mostly because people don’t have much time to spend searching for a treatment that will improve their health and medical services are costly. Also, these products are promoted as containing only 100% natural ingredients which can bring many benefits for the health and few side effects. Changing the lifestyle entirely is difficult for most people, but making some small adjustments is a concession they might be willing to make. Time is a valuable resource, and everyone wants to see results fast, so including in the daily routine a dietary supplement which promises to show obvious effects within a couple of months or even weeks, sound very tempting.

Ultra Accell II is one of those dietary supplements which claim to boost the cellular energy and fight the aging effects.

What is Ultra Accell II?

Ultra Accell II is a new supplement designed by Primal Force to support health and wellness. The formula was created in collaboration to a doctor to enhance metabolism, energy level, and other aspects related to health in general. Doctor Al Sears is a board-certified physician with experience in anti-aging. He intended to find a treatment which can reverse and even stop the aging. Dr. Sears is a world-renowned best-selling author, nutritionist, and fitness trainer.

Enhancing the level of energy is essential because it gives the body the chance to regenerate and recharge the organs, tissues and the entire system. A crucial aspect of the Ultra Accell II influence on the body is that the energy once burst it will be kept at a steady level. So with a regular usage of the product, one can feel continuously rejuvenated.

To be effective, Ultra Accell acts on the mitochondria because this is the real power generator for cellular energy. When we are young mitochondria is abundantly present in our bodies, but as we age, its presence starts to fade away. Medical studies found a connection between low levels of mitochondria and symptoms like lack of energy and exhaustion. So, by taking this supplement the number of mitochondria present in the body is increased so we can feel young and healthy again.

How does Ultra Accell II work?

Most people ignore common symptoms of aging like the lack of energy or sluggishness because they are not aware of the fact that the level of mitochondria drops as time goes by. And this is only the beginning. That is why doctor Sears tried to find the perfect combination of ingredients that can revive the mitochondria and provide enough energy to feel young again.

Ultra Accell II is more than the usual dietary supplement for wellness. Its formula contains two powerful ingredients: CoQ10 and PQQ. Q10 Coenzyme is a common ingredient in many of the similar supplements because of its undisputed ability to slow down the aging process of the cells. To multiply the strength and the amount of the energy delivered to the body, Ultra Accell II has added Pyrroloquinoline Quinone (PQQ). This is an essential addition to the formula because it can increase the levels of mitochondria in the body. By working together, these two ingredients will offer users a clearer mind and improved brain functions, while making them feel like they used to when they were younger.

The key ingredient in this formula is PQQ, which represents a vital discovery for creating new mitochondria, responsible for generating energy in the body. When combined with CoQ10 the results are tenfold. While PQQ can generate mitochondria, CoQ10 uses it to produce energy. These two ingredients work as teammates in other to transform Ulta Accell II into a powerful and effective dietary supplement with real chances to change for the better the lives of its users and offer them the energy they need so much to live their lives again.

What are the ingredients of Ultra Accell II?

Primal Force didn’t just want to come on the market with a common product.The company asked for help from a reputed anti-aging physician, Dr. Al Sears. The formula is clean and simple, just two essential ingredients which work together to bring the so much needed energy to go on with the daily tasks. After studying medical researchers which prove the influence of different substances on rejuvenating the body, only two were selected because they can complement each other and offer users a powerful and effective supplement.

Pyrroloquinoline Quinone (also referred to as PQQ) is a super strong antioxidant with certain anti-aging properties. Specific studies revealed its potential to help regenerate the damaged tissue of the heart and considerably reduce the risk of suffering a heart attack. In addition to reducing the inflammation and oxidative stress, antioxidants proved to be effective in lowering the levels of triglycerides.

CoQ10 is so famous for it regenerating properties, and it is used not only in the industry of dietary supplements but also in the cosmetic market. This substance was subject to many medical studies and created a bit of controversy. While some results concluded that CoQ10 could boost metabolism, others concluded there is not enough evidence to sustain it brings benefits to the heart. This substance is found in each cell of our bodies and plays an essential role in preventing different biological functions for detailing. In addition to this CoQ10 stimulates the production of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) which is a significant source of energy.

What are the side effects of Ultra Accell II?

The formula for this supplement contains only two completely natural ingredients in their purest form. Primal Force asked dr. Al Sears to contribute with his expertise to find the perfect combination of elements. Each of these two elements was subject to many clinical studies, and their benefits for the body were proven beyond doubt, so they were cleared as safe to use and don’t cause side effects.

Ultra Accell II is a safe product and should not cause any unpleasant reactions to healthy individuals. Anyway, it is best to talk a doctor before taking any dietary supplement, especially if you are aware of any medical condition or taking prescription medication. Because this product acts as an energy booster, people with blood pressure condition should pay extra attention.

Usually, dietary supplements are not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women and children under 18.

What are the benefits of Ultra Accell II?

With just one pill a day, taken according to the instructions on the label or the doctor’s advice, in a relatively short time, benefits of this supplement will start to show up. Some of the significant positive impacts of this product can be explained easily. The primary purpose of Ultra Accell II is to increase the energy level in the body, so the metabolism starts working faster and burns fat more efficiently. And this is just part of the benefits which will transform the body and the mind.

Some of the essential benefits Ultra Accell II offers to its users target different aspects of the general health. With constant use of this supplement, you will notice an improvement regarding:

  • Clarity: Users have reported feeling sharper and more clear-headed after taking this product regularly
  • Heart Health: Considering that each ingredient was proven by medical studies to have a positive impact on the cardiovascular system when combining forces, the result is tenfold.
  • Lung Capacity: Ultra Accell can improve the health of the bronchia and prevent associated disease.
  • Eyesight: Constant customers of this supplement noticed after approximately one year an improvement in their eye site.
  • Blood Sugar: With constant use of this product people with high blood sugar condition started to notice that the values began to return to normal
  • Youthful Skin: Ultra All II also works wonders on the outside. After using this supplement for a while, some people found that fine lines on the skin have diminished
  • Memory: Ultra Accell II can boost energy in every cell in the body, including brain cells. As a result, the cognitive functions are enhanced, focus lasts longer, memory is improved and it becomes easier to retain new information

Where can you buy Ultra Accell II?

Ultra Accell II is available for purchase on manufacturer’s official web page. Most similar dietary supplements that have both CoQ10 and PQQ in their formula are costly, so one would expect to invest a small fortune in this product. In fact, UltraAccell II costs only $69.95. In addition to this reasonable price, the producer offers a limited time discount. If you are interested in trying this supplement, now you can save $14 per bottle and pay only $55.96. For loyal customers or those who want to make larger supplies, Primal Force offers a package deal. You can buy two bottles of Ultra Accell II for only $55.96. This means you save $83.95 and also the shipping is free.

Because the Internet is full of less than honest retailers, it is always better to buy your dietary supplements directly from the producer. This way you can be sure you buy the real product instead of a cheap imitation which can endanger your health and even life.

Because the manufacturer trusts its product if you buy from the official web page you can benefit from a satisfaction guarantee without an expiration date. Even if after two years a customer declares the disappointment with the results of using Ultra Accell II, he or she can get its money back. The only requirement Primal Force has from customers is to take the product every day. If they respect the instructions and still fail to see results they can return the unused product and get the money back.


We live in a society which makes us grow old before our time. Each year, younger and younger people report cognitive dysfunctions due to the stressful lifestyle. At first, frequent symptoms like forgetting names, dates or where you left the car key are ignored. But if problems persist it is important to take measures, because, from this point on, things will only get worse. The aging process can be stopped or at least slowed down with certain natural supplements which contain ingredients typically found in our bodies. These products will replace the mineral, vitamins, and substances we lose over time and improve the overall condition.

The product is available on sale for a limited time on the official website of the manufacturer, and it offers a lifetime money back guarantee. So if you decide you are not happy with the results even after several years of using the product you can still get a full refund of your investment. If you are in search of a dietary supplement which can make you feel young again, Ultra Accell II could be an option even from the economic point of view. First of all, you can get the money back at any time, and second, the price is smaller from the start compared to other similar products.