cannabidiol-formulaYou must have seen all the bustle going on the subject related to CBD, abbreviated from cannabidiol. It seems that all the advertising surrounding this substance focuses on one main aspect and it has to do with the fact that it is considered to be the revolutionary method of fighting tumors and other severe health imbalances taking place within the human body.

The controversy seeded in what this CBD is concerned has risen the attention of many people, and so different points of view have been stated, regarding the doubtful source where this substance comes from. Some think CBD to be a dangerous substance which can severely damage your health just because it originates from the plant we all know about marijuana.

Others, who have done their homework, are rational thinkers and they do know that CBD is a discovery in the medical field which could change the way severe health issues can be treated. It is all a matter of perspective and a matter of how much time are you willing to spend to fully acknowledge and learn about these new discoveries.

The difference between medical and recreational cannabidiol usage

There is quite a misconception related to how people understand the enormous difference between how marijuana can help a patient. Most people, who have unsuccessfully tried to reach out to traditional medical therapies, are nowadays trying to figure out how CBD can support them in regaining their much-needed health.

cannabidiol-oil-extraction-250x250Science has many times proved that not all cannabinoids coming from marijuana have medical recommendations, and so is the case with cannabidiol. We have at our disposal so many experiments and public health care studies which show how CBD can adequately support patients in getting cured, while THC has no effects what so ever towards this direction.

However, there are some interesting effects of THC that some patients would like to know about. It has been proven that THC, this psychoactive compound of marijuana, can bring significant benefits to those dealing with Parkinson’s disease or even Alzheimer. The issue stands in the fact that, not used under a specialist’s guidance, some serious side effects might occur.

The good and the bad in cannabis

There were many opinions according to which the two primary cannabinoids found in marijuana, THC, and CBD were differentiated as bad and good. In fact, it is a matter of what you need and how you choose to look at this aspect. Where CBD is considered to be good, THC can do harm, but it can very well also do you good. For instance, in Parkinson’s disease, researchers were able to reveal how consuming high amounts of THC, which gets you high, can bring remarkable results with these patients.

So the fact that THC makes you high should necessarily be seen as a harmful substance because there are many circumstances where it can indeed help you. Also, the fact that CBD is considered such a great substance, a revolutionary one, in fact, is not applicable in all health conditions. Some people can negatively react to it, and so one might not consider it such a marvelous “tool.”

Can these two work hand in hand in health recovery therapies?

This is a question that many people thought about once all this matter fired up. If the two seem to have such amazing effects while working each by themselves, why wouldn’t there by a chance for them to be used together?

The thing is that while some studies revealed how CBD could work better without THC, as in you will not get the high efficiency, other scientists firmly believe that the two can significantly work together so that a patient can get the best out of them. It is a matter of helping one another to strengthen their effects. Therefore, stating that CBD is more efficient without THC has started to be considered a misconception which needs to be clarified for many people.

The Games Played by Big Pharma

It is no great news that companies selling medication are doing their best to sell as many products as they can, and no limit is set up in what advertising is concerned. In fact, lying can also be a quite common tool used by these companies and all this for getting more and more money.

There were many situations where manufacturers have stated that the plant marijuana, from which CBD and THC come from, is useless if these compounds are not present in certain amounts. Well, this is not entirely a scam, but the issue stands in the fact that no clear explanation is provided regarding this aspect. Of course, you will not get the same effects if these cannabinoids’ amounts are low or high, but people should know this. It is not fair at all to state that only some marijuana species can benefit one’s health, while others are useless.

All in all, we need to fully understand that nature has given us a quite precious substance, CBD that is, and we all deserve to know more about it. Its health benefits are undeniably powerful and, although several countries still do not want to admit this, it is our responsibility, for our body’s health sake, to learn about it as much as we can.

By fully acknowledging the way this substance can benefit us, we will inevitably open the door to new, revolutionary, safe and natural methods of supporting our body’s normal functioning.


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