Fingernail fungus infection is a real problem for many people. You can get this after spending an extended period in the garden or even from public showers and pools. In conclusion, this disease is very easy to take but very problematic when you want to get rid of it.  Furthermore, this affection can also make our nails become yellow and this thing may be very embarrassing for some people. They can also start to feel isolated from the rest of the world because of this unpleasant condition. Many available products on the market promise miracles when it comes to treating fingernail fungus, but Zeta Clear it’s not one of them.

Zeta Clear is a home treatment for nail fungus, helping to eliminate growth using a topical remedy. It works just in two steps and promises that it will get rid of our fungus as soon as possible. The Zeta Clear treatment for onychomycosis is made of 2 elements: an oral spray and a solution that must be applied directly on the affected nails.  The treatment is a homeopathic one and has a lot of combined ingredients.

The oral spray contains antimonial, mancinella and nitric acid among other ingredients and the solution that is applied on our nails contains clove oil and vitamin E among many other ingredients specially chosen.

One thing that most of the people hate when it comes to treating onychomycosis is that it takes very much time and effort. Well, creators of Zeta Clear provide that their product works very fast and gave good results to the people who used it. Of course, we can`t know how developed was the fungus of the individuals who used this and this is the most important factor when it comes to time. More developed fungus are harder to treat that simple one.

Our hands and feet are going through many this all our life. Sometimes we walk around even without wearing socks and do this that we shouldn`t do without protection gloves. So, for many of us is a wonder that we didn`t get infected with this unpleasant infection.  And when this condition appears many people prefer to go to the doctor and get rid of it as soon as possible. Zeta Clear is very known for its power to get rid of fingernail fungus very quickly, it`s easy to obtain and it doesn`t require any medical prescription.  But is important to take into consideration that  Zeta Clear doesn`t offer the same results for everyone. People who suffer from severe fungus infections may have to fight for a longer time with this disease. However, many customers were pleased with this product and said that it worked as it should do.

When it comes to price, everyone wants to know what their offers are. Well, Zeta Clear comes to a promotion in which you buy 2 bottles and you get 3 for free at the total price of $149,85.  If you think this is too much you can choose to buy 2 packages and get another one for free at the price of $99,90.  But if you only want to try this product for a month and see if it’s working you can buy a single package at the price of $49,95 plus shipping.