The colon is one of the most important organs of our body. He is responsible for eliminating the waste remained after we consume aliments.  A colon that works correctly can lead to a high level of energy, a better digestion, and optimal health. Let`s see how we can cleanse our colon by using ingredients from our home.

It is true that our body is built so he can clean itself and to eliminate toxins itself, but there are many chemicals and additives used in products nowadays that can affect our body and make it harder for it to remove toxins. That`s why we must help him sometimes.  If we clean our colon frequently, it will work correctly.  When our colon works properly, we won`t fell swollen anymore, won`t have digestive disorders and our overall health will improve.

Here is a recipe to periodical clean our colon. All you need are two apples, once piece of 2-3 cm of fresh ginger and one tablespoon of grinded flax seeds. And let`s see how to prepare this recipe. Firstly, wash the apples and chop them into smaller pieces, peel and wash the ginger and put these two in a smoothie maker. The resulted juice must be mixed with the tablespoon of flax seeds and that`s all. It is recommended to drink this healthy juice in the morning, after breakfast. After drinking this juice, it is also recommended to drink a glass of warm water.

You can follow this treatment for seven days and make sure you will get a clean colon, ready to confront with any problem. This treatment must be taken once in a month. If you follow  this treatment it will deliver many benefits including getting rid of constipation, weight loss,  the level of bad cholesterol will decrease, a number of triglycerides will be cut down, you will manage to protect your body from cardiovascular diseases,  get rid of migraines or headaches, to maintain a healthy bile, you will get free of fatigue, stress and insomnia and menstrual pain will be attenuated. A lot of benefits from just a simple juice in the morning.

Another juice very simple to prepare and very helpful when it comes cleaning our colon is aloe vera, cucumber, and green apple juice. Not only it helps us to detox but is a very delicious juice. All the ingredients have guaranteed effects. You just need a slice of pineapple, half unpeeled cucumber, a small apple (green one) aloe vera gel and an orange.  Add all the ingredients in a smoothie maker and also a cup of water if you want. You can drink this juice twice a day, in the morning on an empty stomach and the afternoon and you will feel much better.

From now on you won’t have to buy cheap products that can clean your colon because you can do it yourself at home!