Low energy, headaches, prolonged fatigue, waking up in the morning and feeling more tired than you were when you put yourself to sleep, nausea, having problems falling asleep even when you are exhausted. Sounds familiar?

The problem

If you experience some of these symptoms and if you lack energy and have a general condition of unexplained tiredness, your body probably tells you that he has had enough.

These are not the symptoms of a particular disease, but these are the signs your body points out to you when you abuse it too much. It’s telling you that your organs are filled with toxins and that you should probably take measures.

Your health is the most important thing that you must be concerned with. The majority of people these days seem to forget how important is to take care of your body and your immune system. It seems wrong for somebody to hurt and abuse their only wall of protection against viruses, bacteria and other agents that will make you sick, but the truth is that we all do this. We all abuse our bodies.

It doesn’t take much for your organism to suffer. The main harmful thing that we do is that we eat a lot of junk food. This is a big problem worldwide. Our accelerated rhythm of life doesn’t give us enough time to eat properly and healthy.

Fast food-related businesses are growing all around the globe. As a result, obesity has become a significant cause of heart, vascular and immunity problems. These problems are significant health concerns, and left untreated; they might cause irreversible damage.

Another hit for your body is the alcohol abuse. A glass of wine or beer has never killed anybody, and experts even say that a glass of wine per day is healthy for you. But, in time, the abuse of alcohol can cause conditions like toxic hepatitis, cirrhosis, cardiovascular diseases, strokes, pancreatitis and even cancer.

A study from 2014 showed that Eastern Europeans have the biggest alcohol consumption in the world. Countries like Russia, Estonia, Belarus and Lithuania mark on this chart a score between 15 and 17 liters of pure alcohol per capita. At the end of the graph are countries like Mauritania, Pakistan, Lebanon and Kuwait with a general alcohol consumption per capita of 0.1 liters of pure alcohol. These figures are frightening, and should be a major concern for people all around the globe, given the devastating effects of alcohol abuse.

Other bad habits the majority of individuals have are smoking, insufficient sleep, sedentariness, and the uncontrolled medicines consumption. These are all factors contributing to the immune system weakening and the increase of toxins in the organism.


In particular cases, some of the symptoms that we talked about at the beginning of the article, are an indicator of some serious medical conditions. But an increased level of tiredness and low energy are not something denoting a serious health problem. They are the repercussion of your abusing of the organism, and they can be treated if you eliminate their causes. If your organs accumulate a larger quantity of toxins, which they cannot remove naturally, they will start to malfunction, and you will experience the symptoms above.

You can find nowadays a big range of pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical treatments claiming that they will help you detox your body. Producers seek to profit from the increase of awareness about harmful effects of toxins and elaborate detox treatments at a very fast rate. Not all of them are effective, in fact, very few of them have been proved to be successful, but when people see “detox” written with big and flashing letters, they go for it. Some of them have even been found to be dangerous, making its users feel worse.

Giving the fact that this type of treatments is not entirely satisfactory and they are only made to be sold, and not with the purpose to cure anything, people should not put their trust in them so much.

The best treatment you should follow if you want to detox your body is healthy eating. Not a lot of people know that some natural foods have the ability to clean the body of dangerous toxins. Instead of losing money and time with the artificial, low-effective cures on the market pretending to detox your body, you should make yourself a diet at home, based on the food with detox proprieties like vegetables, teas, fruits, fruit juice and seeds.

Detox is all about resting, cleaning your body of toxins and feeding your organs with nutrients. This will allow your immune system to recover and to protect you further from diseases giving you the optimum health.


There is a saying that we all know: “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away”. This is entirely true because apples are full of nutrients. They contain fiber, vitamins and many phytochemicals which are good for detoxing. Apples stimulate the production of bile, a substance produced by the body to help the liver to clean itself.


Being full of antioxidants, avocados are good for people suffering from vascular diseases. They also contain a nutrient called glutathione, which helps the liver to detoxify synthetic chemicals while keeping at bay at least 30 different carcinogen substances.


This exotic fruit contains a substance which has a cleaning effect on the colon and helps with digestion, called bromelain.


They contain a high amount of vitamin C, which is indispensable to the body. Lemons also stimulate the release of enzymes that converts toxins into a water-soluble form that can be quickly eliminated from the body. Moreover, lemon juice has anti-cancer proprieties, and it’s very useful in balancing the body’s pH levels.


Besides vitamin C, this fruit contains lycopene, a substance which fights against cells damage. Grapefruit is good for people suffering from diabetes, high cholesterol, and stomach ulcers.


They are packed with anti-inflammatory nutrients, which provide support for both cardiovascular and digestive system. Also, cranberries are consumed to prevent urinary tract infections.


Like cranberries, these fruits help to prevent urinary tract infections, containing natural antibiotics and aspirin, which is good for lessening pain.


Almonds are high in fiber, magnesium, and calcium and contain a big amount of vitamin E. They are great for detoxifying the digestive system.


Basil is great for your stomach and your kidneys. It contains terpenoids, compounds known for their ability to detoxify the digestive system. Even more, basil has antimicrobial effects, therefore helping your immune system to fight against dangerous intruders.


The enemy of every child, broccoli is one of the healthiest foods you can eat. It fights efficiently with cancer, diabetes, and allergies. It also helps the liver to eliminate toxins quick and fruitful.


Garlic is your immune system’s favorite meal. The sulfur contained makes garlic an excellent detox food. Some studies even showed that garlic is 100 times more effective than pharmaceutical antibiotics.


It is one of the most beneficial foods for your health that you can have in your kitchen. They absorb nasty and dangerous substances from contaminated food such as arsenic, lead, tin, cadmium, and tin. Also, onions are full of sulfur-containing amino acids, which will detox your liver very fast. What you don’t want to do is peeling them too much because that way, they will lose up to 75% of its active substances.


Carrots contain a big amount of fiber, which helps to lower the number of harmful bacteria, also known as endotoxin, in the gut. Also, they have the ability to balance your hormones, giving you a better skin.


Kale is recognized as one of the most efficient agents in the detoxification process. Doctors recommend it to patients suffering from kidney diseases. It is packed with minerals, fiber, vitamins and antioxidants. What makes kale so efficient is that it helps regulate detox at a genetic level.


It contains sulfur and indole-3-carbinol and contributes to the detox of your liver and digestive system. Also, it is said that cabbage fights cancer and its compounds can help the cells to repair themselves.


It is very useful as an anti-inflammatory food and will fight against cancer and heart diseases. Asparagus reduces the risk of death from breast cancer and has anti-aging attributes helping look young and lively.


It stimulates the production of bile and will help the liver to function at its best.


They contain a mix of phytochemicals and minerals which will help your body to fight infections. Beets are doing an excellent job in the detox process, and they will make sure that once eliminated, the toxins will not make it back in your body.


Dandelions are full of nutrients, and they are a rich source of minerals and phytonutrients. Dandelion root helps filter toxins from the bloodstream and keeps the liver and pancreas clean.


Fennel is a powerhouse of vitamin B and C. It will keep the immune system functioning at its best and also, it is said that fennel can prevent colon cancer.


It is rich in minerals and it acts by tracing and eliminating heavy metal from your body.


Wheatgrass is considered a complete food, containing 98 of the 102 earth elements. It restores alkalinity to the blood, enriching it and therefore stimulating the metabolism and the body’s enzyme system.

Green tea

It is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients and has a powerful effect on the body improving brain function, fat loss, a lower risk of cancer. It contains powerful antioxidants like flavonoids and catechins. Also, it’s said that green tea lowers the risk of breast cancer, prostate cancer, and colorectal cancer.

Goji berries

Goji berries improve the liver performance, the immune system, and the vascular system functioning. They contain high levels of vitamin C and antioxidants. Goji berries are also used to reduce cholesterol and high blood pressure.


It is a high antioxidant spice, having a cleaning effect, especially for the liver. The active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin, a compound used in treating digestive disorders.


Ginger is a very potent antioxidant spice. It is used for treating a weakened liver. Its properties in detoxification are well known by the scientific community.

These are some of the best foods that can help you cleanse your body. There are a lot more efficient ailments that you can consume if you want to detox your body, like oranges, potatoes, black chocolate, bean, forest fruits and many others.

But, you must not forget that even though these ailments are healthy, it’s better if you buy them from local producers when you are sure that they are freshly picked. Vegetable and fruits imported from other countries are treated with chemical substances to prevent them from altering and to keep them looking fresh and shiny on the shelves. This is a marketing trick to make you buy them. The chemical substances used to preserve them can be dangerous for your body and can make you sick. Not many people know that some fruits and vegetables that you see in supermarkets, and which you consider beautiful and fresh, are in fact up to 1-year-old.

Also, the way that you cook them is vital. A lot of these foods can lose their antioxidant properties if you freeze them, fry them, or if you peel them too much. The best way to consume them is raw when they are fresh.

If you want a full detox it is recommended to follow a diet consisting of dishes made from the vegetables, fruits and spices we elaborated above.

You don’t have to ask a specialist how to do it; you can make your diet at home with low costs and almost no time required. Experts say that the more colored your dish will be, the better the antioxidant effect will be.

In conclusion, if you show concern for your heath and give your interest in taking care of your body, you will feel better day by day. You don’t have to take drastic measures, but now and then, when you feel that is needed, take your time and rest for a few days, avoid consuming junk food and alcohol and follow a 2-3 days diet based on vegetables and fruits.

Your body is your temple, so don’t consider it untouchable. Take care of it, eat healthily and don’t abuse it, or it will start to fight back.


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