Our body is inhabited by millions of microorganisms. Some of them are good and others are bad. As long as there is a balance, the body can function properly. Under certain conditions, the immune system needs a little help from the outside to re-establish the order. Many doctors consider that as long as the digestive system works within the right parameters there is no need for vitamins in the form of supplements because the body absorbs everything it needs from the food. Probiotics play an essential role in maintaining the balance of the digestive system and Essential Cultures from Leaf Origin are a natural and reliable source.

What are Essential Cultures Probiotics?

Essential Cultures is a dietary probiotic produced by the company Origin Leaf, which aims to improve the health of the digestive system by restoring the bacterial balance and encourage the growth of healthy bacteria.

How does Essential Cultures Probiotics by Leaf Origin work?

The healthy bacteria from this supplement boost the immune system response and improve digestion so for the body can obtain all the necessary vitamins and nutrients. This product claims to help balance about 80% good bacteria to 20% without causing bad breath.

Essential Cultures Probiotics Ingredients

The manufacturer states that Essential Cultures was created using only natural and high-quality ingredients. The formula doesn’t include synthetic ingredients and should be safe to use without the risk of experiencing unpleasant side effects

One capsule of Essential Cultures contains 30 billion culture-forming units of 15 different strains of beneficial bacteria, including the super-strains Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Bifidobacterium. The recommended dose is one capsule per day. This should be enough to feel an improvement in the digestive system within several days. In order to obtain full benefits from this product, the treatment should last for about 3 to 4 weeks.

Benefits of Essential Cultures Probiotics by Leaf Origin

Probiotics are essential for a healthy digestion so including Essential Cultures in your daily routine should make the benefits felt within a day or two:

  • Fights digestive problems and disease – Probiotics play a significant role in prevention due to their influence on making the body work at higher rates than usual and eliminate dangerous pathogens from the system.
  • Weight loss – Another benefit which makes probiotics so attractive is the help it offers in losing the extra weight. A better functioning of the digestive system generates a better absorption of the nutrients and fat burning in order to produce energy.

Side Effects of Essential Probiotics

Essential Culture is a product 100% natural and it doesn’t pose any threat for a healthy adult. If you aren’t aware of any digestive problems, taking probiotics can only work in a positive way for you. Even if this is a safe product it is recommended to talk to the doctor before starting the treatment, especially if you are suffering from ulcer or diabetes.

Where to buy Essential Probiotics?

The product is available on originleaf.com. Essential Cultures come packed in bottles with 30 capsules, enough for a month of treatment and it costs 38.95 dollars. If you are interested in making supplies for a longer period of time you can make some savings as 3 bottles cost 88.95 dollars and a six pack is sold for 157.95 dollars. The manufacturer offers a 90 guarantee to fully refund your money if you are not satisfied with the product.