Green beans have a lot more proprieties than we ever thought. They offer a powerful impulse for our immune system by eliminating the free radicals and defeating heart diseases, digestive problems, diabetes or colon cancer.

Green beans have nutrients essential to our eyes and bones. Studies have also shown that green beans can reduce the risk of congenital malformations that that can appear at a fetus, so they are essential for pregnant women. There are almost 150 types of green beans all around the world. With different tastes, forms and colors including black and purple.  But this doesn’t matter because the color is irrelevant, they all have the same quantity of nutrients and the same health benefits. These delicious and crunchy beans are low in calories and fats and they don’t contain cholesterol while the amount of fibers is pretty high. Beans can provide the exact amount of proteins that we need daily and are a major source of vitamins such as Vitamin A, C, K, B6 and folic acid, calcium, silicon, manganese, potassium and copper.

Green beans stimulate our immune system because they have a large number of antioxidants. Antioxidants are beneficial compounds found in our body which search the free and dangerous radicals and eliminates them from our system before they produce any harm.

They can also improve our sight. Green beans contain certain carotenoids that can prevent macular degeneration, which means that our vision will be affected. Green beans can also help us to decrease our glucose. They are great vegetables which aid and regulate the diabetes symptoms.

Green beans prevent cardiovascular diseases. Because of their high level of flavonoids, the risk of heart-related diseases is lowered. These antioxidants have anti-inflammatory and anti-thrombotic effects which mean that they prevent the apparition of blood clots in our arteries and veins. The activity of thrombocytes usually causes cardiovascular diseases, heart attacks and strokes.

They can also help us if we have digestive problems. Green beans are a major source of fibers which are meant to help certain gastrointestinal disorders that we may encounter such as constipation, ulcer or hemorrhoids. The quantity of fibers that we consume is the secret to combating all these diseases. Green beans are the best vegetables when it comes to keeping our stomach healthy.

Green beans maintain our bones healthy. There are many nutritive substances in green beans such as calcium, which is essential in preventing bones deterioration and osteoporosis. Green beans contain vitamin A, K and silicon and if these substances are missing from our bodies, it can appear different affections of our bones. Green beans can also prevent colon cancer. Recent studies had shown that green beans are essential in fighting with the cancerous cells.

So, it seems like green beans are impressive vegetables which help our body in many ways. So, when you go to the market from now on, don`t forget to buy yourself some green beans too!