When summer comes, everyone wants to stay as much as they can outside. Is a pleasant feeling when we feel the sun rays touching our skin.  But I guess everyone knows that if we don’t  protect our skin from UV rays by using SPF lotion we may risk having skin cancer. All these rumors had made us not to want to spend so much time in the sun anymore and consider it a danger for our life.  But many people don`t realize how beneficial can be the sunlight for our health. The only precaution is to avoid staying too much in the sun between the hours 12-14, because then the UV rays are very powerful. So, let`s see what benefits can we have from the sun.

Sunlight can help preventing cancer. Yup! That`s right! Is strange that people say that sunlight can cause cancer and now we find out that it can also cure it. But how is this possible? Well, is a complicated process in which our body transforms the sunlight into Vitamin D. Studies had shown that the lack of Vitamin D from our body could favor the apparition of colon and breast cancer.

Sunlight has a beneficial effect for the patients who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease.  Studies had shown that the exposure to sunlight during all the day and the darkness of the night could improve certain aspects of patients who suffer from Alzheimer`s disease. It can reduce nervousness, improve sleep, fights with insomnia.

Sunlight can decrease the risk of multiple sclerosis. MS is more common to people who live farther from the Ecuador. Studies suggest that vitamin D and the exposure to sunlight in the first 20 years of our lives can influence the risk of making MS. Also, it is critical for pregnant women to have high levels of vitamin D because this thing can help the fetus not to have MS when he grows up.

Sunlight can cure psoriasis. Exposure to sunlight is very beneficial for patients who suffer from psoriasis. In a study has been shown that sun bath therapy for 4 weeks favors a cure from psoriasis symptoms.

Not only sunlight can cure several diseases of our body, but it can also heal our soul. It is said that sunlight can cure the patients who suffer from depression. There have been made many types of research on who sunlight can affect our mood. One interesting study as shown that sunlight helps our brain to generate a natural antidepressant. That`s why we are much happier on the sunny days than on the ones when is raining.

So, stop listening to rumors that make sunlight be such a danger for our life and take a deep breath. Go out and have fun and enjoy all the benefits that sun can have for your health. We are so lucky that our Planet is so close by this “huge magnificent pill”.