Aging is a natural process that affects everyone and everything in this world from human beings to animals and plants. People have tried from ancient times to stop or delay the aging process so that they could symbolically defy death and gain social power and admiration.  It is well known, that throughout the years, women have always sought means or ways to prevent and reduce the aging factors in their lives, in order to keep themselves more beautiful and attractive. For this purpose, some have plastic surgery and other painful methods of cosmetic value. Nowadays a new cultural phenomenon has arisen that conveys that health and beauty can be maintained through a healthy lifestyle.

Some of the beauty secrets that really make a difference when it comes to maintaining a fresh young skin and keeping the wrinkles at bay are simple yet effective.

Nutrition – our skin is a canvas that illustrates what we eat and what are our nutritional habits. Carbohydrates in excess and sugar have a debilitating effect on our body. Fruits, whole grains and vegetables are a must every day thus offering nutrients, vitamins and minerals that keep the body functioning.  Antioxidants should also be included in the everyday diet; they help with cell regeneration and collagen production maintaining a firm beautiful skin. [1]

Also when it comes to nutrition there is the so-called superfood that by their natural properties they help support youth and make you feel younger and better. Some of those superfoods are blueberries, walnuts, broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, olive oil, green tea, ginger, Gingko Biloba and salmon. Olive oil in particular, has been found by studies to have a positive effect in preventing facial aging and is also associated with healthier choices in nutrition.[2][3]

Exercise helps slow down the aging process by increasing muscle strength, by decreasing the risk of mild cognitive impairment thus maintaining attention and concentration at a higher level in old age and also by boosting the immune system through a usual exercising routine. [4] [5][6]

Sleep is a factor always to keep in mind when wanting a healthy lifestyle. Seven to eight hours a night are necessary for the body to recover and to keep you feeling young and rested. [7]

Stress has a powerful psychosomatic effect on the human body. It can lead to unwanted changes in your lifestyle, hormonal imbalances, blood pressure, weight gain, insomnia, depression and anxiety that will make you look and feel much older and tired.[8]

Stress occurs in everyone’s life, and sometimes it is really hard to control it, but we need to find ways to manage it be it by meditation, massage, exercise or seeking out counseling and therapy if needed. Inner peace is priceless and keeping your mind calm should always be a priority in order to avoid aging and disease.

A thorough skin care ritual is critical with a view to maintaining the skin clean and smooth. Cleansing your face every morning and every night with a face cleanser helps prevent pore-clogging and gives your face the feeling of being fresh. Moisturizer is another step in the daily care ritual. It should be applied on you face and all over the body twice a day in order to hydrate and soften the skin. Exfoliation is another necessary step, that helps to keep the skin smooth and fresh by removing dead skin cells.

One thing to bear in mind when choosing to have a skin care ritual is that the earlier you start the better of your skin will be.

Sunscreen is probably your best friend when it comes to anti-aging products. Sun exposure can cause spots, wrinkles, dry skin and of course sunburns. Contrary to popular belief sunscreen should always be worn, every day of the year be it autumn, winter, spring or summer. Studies have shown that over a period of 4.5 years, daily users of sunscreen have a 24% less skin aging percentage than the occasional sunscreen users.[9]

Avoiding harmful habits like smoking or alcohol consumption that are well known for having aging consequences upon the human body. Cigarettes contain hundreds of toxins while alcohol makes it hard for your body to eliminate toxins leading to dry skin, reducing the production of collagen and making you look older than you actually are. [10]

An industry based on anti-aging products has always been available to the general public but in recent years, manufacturers have taken a more natural holistic approach.

Some of these natural remedies can be homemade and help save a penny and not require an elaborate preparation method.

Aloe Vera is another solution for youthful results. It is well known for improving the elasticity of the skin.

It can be used alone, by cutting an Aloe Vera leaf, extracting its gel and applying it as a face mask for 15 minutes before cleaning.

A mixture between Aloe Vera leaf extracted gel and lemon juice is another mask that can be applied on the face as well as on your hair.

For a deep moisturizing effect, you can mix Aloe Vera, cucumber and Greek yogurt with just a splash of lemon juice. Blend all the ingredients together and keep them in the refrigerator for a while before applying. Leave the composition on for about half an hour and cleanse.

Avocado has multiple health benefits making out of all the health professionals faithful supporters. When it comes to skin benefits, its high dose of vitamin E does the trick.

To create an avocado based moisturizing face mask only add avocado, Greek yogurt and wheat grass to the blender and just apply that paste for 10-15 minutes before rinsing. The lactic acid in Greek yogurt has rejuvenating effects while wheatgrass has a high dose of vitamin A and D.

Avocado oil is great for skin moisturizing and can be used on the whole body and also as a massage oil. It deeply penetrates the skin having a smoothing and hydrating effect. For the best results just mix avocado oil with coconut oil and almond oil and thus you will have the perfect oil blend.

Bananas have a rejuvenating effect on wrinkles and fine lines.

In order to create a simple banana mask just mash a banana, apply it over your face and especially on the wrinkled parts, leave it on for about 15-20 minutes and simply cleanse and use a moisturizer.

Bananas can also be utilized in combination with avocado paste. Mash the two ingredients together until obtaining a homogenous paste and continue with the steps presented above.

Carrots promote the production of collagen because of their vitamin A composition.

Beside a recommended dose of carrots in your diet you can use their juice for a mask in addition to honey. Another domestic carrots product can be made out of well boiled mashed carrots that can also be mixed with honey before applying the paste resulted on your face.

Honey also known as the food for the Gods has endless youth promoting properties and nutrients.

If we pay attention to homemade cream, scrubs or masks recipes we notice that honey appears to be everywhere. Honey can be used as the sole ingredient simply by applying it one the face. It has a strong smoothing effect on the skin and especially on the lips.

A particular mask recipe for maintaining a fresh young skin is a mix of honey, apple and chia seeds. All the ingredients should be placed in a blender and afterward applied to the skin trough a soft circular massage. This mask is particularly beneficial for dry lifeless skin.

Lemon Juice is a miracle juice and you can add it to most masks. It is a deep cleanser because of the citric acid that it contains. It can help blend blemished wrinkles and skin spots. But we also must be careful in not overusing lemon juice because it is also an astringent and a powerful exfoliator.

Olive oil one of the superfoods for preventing aging, is also right for you if you use it on your skin.

It can be used as a massage oil for your face that keeps your skin moisturized and smoothed. Olive oil has the property of regenerating your skin and repairs possible damage.

It can also be used as a scrub when mixed with other natural ingredients as honey. It has an exfoliating effect by removing dead skin cells and giving a fresh and young look.


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