Cholesterol Crusher is a guidebook created by Thomas Carter, an accountant who has experienced high levels of cholesterol.  Thomas claims that the prescription medications he took, aggravated his condition and almost destroyed his life. Due to his negative experience, he decided to find something effective that does not cause adverse reactions.

After a thorough research, Thomas Carter found a particular method that is claimed to work 35 times faster than the prescription medicines he took. Moreover, it seems that this approach does not cause any side effects at all.

Carter’s Cholesterol Crusher is basically a 3-step daily protocol that is claimed to lower the levels of bad cholesterol that cause heart diseases, stroke and other illnesses. The method promoted by the author is based on the fact that the bad cholesterol is under the control of two main factors, which are the Liver X Receptor and the protein PCSK9.

The PCSK9 is a protein enzyme that stops the cholesterol moving vehicles from functioning, while liver X Receptors (LXR) are in charge of collecting the non-water soluble substances in the blood.

As a result, what the Cholesterol Crusher protocol does is to balance the two primary keys in order to keep the cholesterol in the body at an average level.

More specifically, here are the three necessary steps included in this program:

  • Step 1: How to control your PCSK9. This first part shows what PCSK9 influences the functioning of your body and how can it be prevented by resorting to a natural diet. There are also enumerated the essential ingredients, foods, and supplements that you must use in order to put an end to the effects of PCSK9 protein. You will also learn about the specific portions of these foods with a view to taking advantage of the maximum benefits, and methods to prepare the food to obtain fast results.
  • Step 2: How to boost your LXRs. This second phase offers you the knowledge about specific foods and ingredients that are able to increase the activity of your LXRs. It also provides a step by step guide on how to prepare and consume the right amount of food.
  • Step 3: How to maintain your cholesterol levels. This last step consists in a part of the Lifetime Cholesterol Maintenance Pack, which presents several methods that can help you maintain low levels of cholesterol. There is also a “Kitchen Purge Guide” included that thoroughly explains why low-fat and non-fat foods may increase your cholesterol levels. In addition, this part offers the “Food Label Decoder” that is claimed to help you recognize the cholesterol-causing additives included in the ingredients and listed on the nutritional labels of every manufactured food.

On top of these, Cholesterol Crushes comes with two more bonuses that are claimed to help you maintain low cholesterol levels.

  • Cholesterol Crusher “Auto-Pilot” Switch, which is a guide that shows you how to prepare affordable and tasty meals that mix the foods and ingredients in Step 1 and 2 of the program.
  • The second bonus pack is, in fact, a calendar and a meal plan that helps you to follow the program easily.

What makes this program different from other cholesterol products?

  • It works fast. Due to the fact that the Cholesterol Crusher program offers a way to close the part that makes the bad cholesterol, it is more efficient compared to cholesterol lowering drugs. It appears that this solution will dramatically reduce cholesterol levels within 24 hours.
  • It does not cause any side effects. Since it uses only natural ingredients that can block the production of PCSK9 and increase the effect of Liver X Receptors, and does not include any chemicals or other damaging elements, this program does not lead to any side effects.
  • It is very affordable since it costs only a fraction of your daily pill and does not involve any overpriced ingredients or equipment to provide the promised benefits.
  • It comes with a 100 percent money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

Potential Disadvantages

  • You might still have to seek professional help. If you suffer from hypertension, diabetes, high blood pressure, or other related diseases, it is recommended to speak with your physician in order to have their permission to continue this program.
  • The program is only offered for purchase as a digital copy, therefore without an internet connection, it will be impossible for you to buy it.

Since it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, you can give this program a try.